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Easy to use Handle allows you to trim one handed
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Barefoot Sculptor - Hoof Rasp for barefoot trimming

Easy to use Hoof Rasp... Designed by the inventor of the
Old Mac's Horse Boot   
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Barefoot Sculptor
 Hoof rasp for barefoot trimmers
  Trim one handed and hold the hoof with the free hand..
    Easier trim and protects your hand from scuffs and bruising.

"I highly recommend this barefoot rasp
to those trimming their own horse's hooves
or for maintenance between trims"


One Handed Trim - The Easier Way to Trim Your Horse's Hooves

>>  Advantages for Trimmers..

  • specially balanced handle increases cutting power

  • clear advantage for less physical trimmers when the hooves are dry and hard

  • protects fingers by positioning the hand away from the rasp so no more pain from jamming fingers & knuckles

  • rasp and handle combination allows one hand trim, leaving a free hand to hold the hoof

  • increases control of the rasp allowing more effective shaping of the hoof

  • allows more room to work on hooves under small ponies

  • adjustable rasp angle

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The coarse side is used to lower the heels, scoop the quarters, bevel the outer hoof wall and roll the toe. Click here to view the video demonstration.

It is recommended for ease of cutting, when rasping with the coarse side, to maintain an inside to outside stroke. Always stroke from the frog towards the white line and outer hoof wall which ensures a smooth stroke and prevents the rasp grabbing the outside hoof wall. To be able to maintain this inside to outside stroke on both sides of the horse the Barefoot Sculptor can be used with a backhanded stroke.

The recommended position for removing flare from the outside lower hoof wall is to turn the handle over with the coarse side facing up and rasp with the smooth side of the rasp. This position increases the cutting ability of the smooth side by your ability to provide extra pressure over the cutting area and gives you added control.

Natural Hoof trim with new handle and rasp Trimming technique makes for a easier hoof trim Natural horse hoof is a healthy hoof

Barefoot Sculptor - Designed by the inventor of the Old Mac's Horse Boot
Handle specially designed to make trimming easier



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